Jute Story

Who discovered jute?

Early in the 17th century, the Dutch and the French discovered jute. As you can imagine, they were thrilled about this resilient plant fiber, knowing it could take care of all their basic needs and more. So they transported it from Bengal to Europe. The British East India Company did the same later, to Britain

What is called Jute ?

Jute fibre is a type of plant fibre which is widely known for its ability to be spun into strong and coarse threads. Individual jute fibres are known to be soft, long, and shiny in nature. The plants belonging to the genus Corchorus are believed to be the primary producers of this fibre

The major manufactured products from jute fibre are: Yarn and twine, sacking, hessian, carpet backing cloth and as well as for other textile blends. It has high tensile strength, low extensibility, and ensures better breathability of fabrics.

What all can be made with Jute

  • To make sacks and cloth for wrapping bales of cotton.
  • Geo-textiles.
  • Pulp and Paper.
  • Household Products.
  • Non-woven textiles.

Where is jute used

Jute is used chiefly to make cloth for wrapping bales of raw cotton, and to make sacks and coarse cloth. The fibers are also woven into curtains, chair coverings, carpets, area rugs, hessian cloth, and backing for linoleum.

Is jute eco friendly ?

As well as having natural UV protection, jute grows without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Not only is it completely biodegradable, but it is also a recyclable fibre. Jute reaches maturity quickly, between 4-6 months, making it an incredibly efficient source of renewable material, and therefore “sustainable”.

Is Jute good material?

Jute rugs are soft, but they’re also durable. In fact, jute was once the fiber of choice for ropes on ships, proving that jute fibers are extremely strong and tough. This strength in fiber, combined with a tight weave, will help your jute area rug stand up to feet, paws, furniture depressions, and more.

Is jute washable ?

If you must wash jute items, hand wash separately in cool water using a mild soap. Jute fabrics or burlap can be brittle so it must be handled gently. Do not wring or twist the wet fabric. Burlap should always be washed alone because it can shed fibers.

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